I came up with the idea for the Nib Witch while playing around with some inks and paper and a new pen, of course. It’s funny, isn’t it? How a new toy can bewitch and suddenly it’s four hours later, you have ink all over your hands, a wrist on strike, you don’t know if it’s baby’s bottom or if it’s just a scratchy nib or the ink is too dry (or too wet and gumming up the works). Your hair looks like you rolled out of a 12¬† year slumber, and when you go to wash the ink out of your new pen you find that you have Bay State Blue smudged against your upper left eyelid.’s a fashion statement damn it.

Hello, I’m the Nib Witch. I’m awkward, clumsy and write much like I talk and tend to say I far too often… but this¬†is my site and if you sit for a spell (or four) we might get rather acquainted. The main focus, for now, is on reviewing and my journey to nowherenearmasterful penmanship..

But you have to admit, there’s a certain charm in turning the nib to the page in this day and age, and when something lettered by hand falls into your hand.. well. Hearts have been stolen in less subtle ways.