Jinhao 159 and Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu

It took a little while for this one to arrive. The Jinhao 159 series are large pens with a decent weight. I chose a bright green model a few weeks ago and got it for 2.99 with shipping on Ebay. When it arrived I wasn’t expecting much out of the pen but hands down, for the price bracket this is about as good of a pen as I have come across.

The 159 features a metal body, which lends the pen a hefty weight. It’s well balanced despite this and the wide grip makes it easy to write with. The nib is smooth and stiff, but writes nicely on all paper. The size seems to be a medium but it writes very broad and wet.

The included converter is adequite and holds a decent amount of ink. I don’t have the ability to measure it but even with daily use it lasted well over a week before I needed to refill it.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the purchase. It’s something I wouldn’t have any reservations recommending to someone new to fountain pens, and it writes better than some more expensive models I have tried recently, such as the Visconti Rembrandt EF Calligraphy nib. I am still rather bitter about that one and make no bones about it.



Pilot’s Iroshizuku line features beautiful and well behaved inks. Murasaki Shikibu is no exception. Depending on the nib & flow it can be a lovely light purple or a deeper color. With this Jinhao it was on the lighter side on Tomoe River paper (featuring my hobonichi and very messy penmanship)




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