In the Mail,  Update

In the Mail: Monthly Feature (Updated)

I’ve set aside a monthly budget for my stationary addiction. $25.00-30.00 doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up when you mostly buy samples. This month has been a month of indulgence since April is my birthmonth. I ordered quite a bit and will have enough to keep the review posts going for a while. Keep an eye out for some calligraphy progress reports soon too!

So what are we waiting for?


  • Apica Notebook
  • Clairefontaine Classic
  • Maruman Mnemosyne
  • Rhodia No. 12
  • Rhodia Black Lined


  • Pelikan Turquoise
  • Colorverse Supernova
  • Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel
  • Noodler’s Habanero
  • Iroshizuku Momiji
  • Montverde Canyon Rust


  • Pelikan M600 Turquoise & White


  • Goulet Ink Sample Holder
  • Nock Co Sinclair

I still have a couple of posts to write up on my two Pilot fountain pens and ink. Otherwise, there’s plenty look forward to this month!

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