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    Pelikan Turquoise and White

    This is my absolute favorite pen. I still sometimes think I went off the deep, spending so much on a pen. My collection is on the small side to begin with. However, this pen writes the way I imagined fountain pens should. It was love at first write. I have had it for about 4 months now and honestly have 0 complaints.

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    Jinhao 159 and Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu

    It took a little while for this one to arrive. The Jinhao 159 series are large pens with a decent weight. I chose a bright green model a few weeks ago and got it for 2.99 with shipping on Ebay. When it arrived I wasn’t expecting much out of the pen but hands down, for the price bracket this is about as good of a pen as I have come across. The 159 features a metal body, which lends the pen a hefty weight. It’s well balanced despite this and the wide grip makes it easy to write with. The nib is smooth and stiff, but writes nicely on all…

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    Pilot Prera & Kakuno Review

    Here we have my current favorite pen, the Pilot Prera. There is very little to be said that isn’t positive about this pen. I’m a Pilot fangirl. Since 03/12/2015 (my very first JetPens order), I have tried TWSBI, Jinhao, and Visconti pens. This little guy is still my best writer. I think that says something right there. The only “cons” I can think of are this pen is on the small side, even posted it has a small barrel and it causes me to get  hand cramps sometimes it did not come with a converter, which it should at this price point Those are some pretty nit-picky points. Onto the good stuff,…

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    In the Mail: Monthly Feature (Updated)

    I’ve set aside a monthly budget for my stationary addiction. $25.00-30.00 doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up when you mostly buy samples. This month has been a month of indulgence since April is my birthmonth. I ordered quite a bit and will have enough to keep the review posts going for a while. Keep an eye out for some calligraphy progress reports soon too! So what are we waiting for? Paper: Apica Notebook Clairefontaine Classic Maruman Mnemosyne Rhodia No. 12 Rhodia Black Lined Ink: Pelikan Turquoise Colorverse Supernova Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel Noodler’s Habanero Iroshizuku Momiji Montverde Canyon Rust Pens: Pelikan M600 Turquoise & White Msc: Goulet Ink…

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    Visconti Rembrandt Pink EF Review

    Ah, Visconti. The Rembrandt line is an entry point into the world of  beautiful Italian fountain pens. I figured the first review might as well be my most recent experience. In March 2018, I purchased my first expensive pen from Goulet Pens. I’m a HUGE fan of the Goulet team. I asked for a writing test to be performed before I received the pen, and they were happy to oblige. The pen is striking and features resin that for all purposes reminds me of strawberry milk. However, I ended up returning the pen. I will include why after the main review. I can’t compare this pen to any other Visconti…